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Asmaa Yousef
Started by Asmaa Yousef on
14 May 2013 at 11:04
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Especially for TWN members

You can submit a short paper in IWTC17 till 30 May

Please submit your paper through this mail:

"Please mention in your mail that you are a member of TWN"


Mohammad Mohammadi Hashemi
I`m looking for final IWTC17 results. Deadline for final results was 15 August, but I did not receive any notification. Only my abstract was accepted. My ID is 66.
How can I know acceptance or rejection of my full paper?
Yasser Hamed
It is really strange what is happening in the conference this year. they didnt send us any comment about the abstract, I have two submitted abstract. I sent them three e-mails and they didnt reply. they only sent us a hurry up to pay the money without knowing anything about the situation of our publication. it is really nonsense and stupidity
Asmaa Yousef
Dear Dr. Yasser

Please send me your ID
or call us on: +2 03 5920641

The acceptance letter has been sent to the authors since 14/5

Please contact us to check this problem
Yasser Hamed
Dear Asmaa

I have just uploaded my full paper ID 11 to the conference site I am not sure that I did write since I didnt reciee a massage from your conference confirmed the submition, would you please check and reply me.
thank you
Dr Yasser hamed
Asmaa Yousef
check your mail please
Yasser Hamed
Thank you for your help. Now I just submitted the second paper ID 12 but I had to submitted it in two files since the page layout was different. I uploaded the two parts of the manuscript. would you please check if eerything is ok and the formate will be accepted in this current form.
Asmaa Yousef
Dear Dr. Yasser,

Please contact us ASAP on +2 03 5920641
Yasser Hamed
dear asmaa

i am in KSA now I will be in egypt INSHAALLAH next week. you can tell me what you want here or if it is important I can call you but tell me what is the suitable time for people who will reply me
Asmaa Yousef
Dear Dr. Yasser

Please try to upload your submission ID: 12 on the conference system again ASAP
or send it to us on this mail:
Yasser Hamed
I have just recieved the acceptance two hours ago!!!
Asmaa Yousef
Dear, Thanks for your interest in IWTC
Please send me your ID
Nadia Eshra
I send abstract to the conference since 15/4 till now there is no comment for the abstract.

what is the no. of pages for short paper
is the short paper different from the normal paper in conference
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